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How many times have you made a hole in the wall with a hammer and a nail? Or did you just end up breaking your drilling machine like me? What if you get an X-ray vision to see through the walls! Seems impossible? Stay tuned to know more about the possible impossibility.

Walabot DIY is the ideal product for you to resolve problems. Trust me; I thought it to be a hoax too. But the experience that I had calls to be shared. Walabot presents the best invention, Walabot DIY, which is a compact device for constructors, remodelers of home, electricians, plumbers, engineers, and more, to identify objects behind the place your hole needs to be drilled in. With technological advancement, the device portrays the image of the object hidden behind the obstacles. And, it’s proven. Get the easiest way to work without misusing your valuable time and effort.

What is Walabot DIY

Walabot DIY is the most technically advanced device with super powerful 3D sensor technology, Vayyar Imaging presents Walabot DIY, which has introduced a new way of comfort in construction works. The invention allows object and motion detection.

How does Walabot DIY work?

The product has the most straightforward protocol for installation. You don’t need to be a professional to use the product. You can build the whole set up by yourself just by following a few steps. You need to download the official App of Walabot DIY on your android phone. After installing the App, you need to attach your smartphone to the Walabot DIY device, using the USB cable.

You need not worry about anything, as the device is elementary to use. Once you are ready following all the protocols, pursue the facilities and have an enjoyable experience.

What can Walabot DIY do for you?

  • Look for any obstacles that block your way
  • Detects pipes, wires, and leaks in the wall
  • Detects every structural damage
  • adjusts sensitivity for your specific construction
  • Got the ability to see 4 inches into the wall
  • It provides the facility of the snapshot for offline uses.
  • Finds out movements that help you to identify the existence of rodents so that you can look for the nest of the rodents.
  • What Is there in the box of Walabot DIY?

Walabot DIY comes with:

  • A micro-USB
  • A USB Type C Cable
  • A metal disc to Attach Walabot to the phone
  • A Walabot DIY screen protector.
  • Quick Start Guide

What are the benefits you will get when you buy Walabot DIY?

  • Walabot is the perfect device to assist you while you want to do some construction work. You can use your creativity to make something new out of the product.
  • The product lets you identify hidden objects. It has also been designed to sense the presence of movements.
  • The product is easy to use. All you need to do is download the app provided for the device and connect the device to the phone.
  • And it’s ready to use.
  • The device is portable.

Walabot DIY works through cement, drywall, and wood.

  • With the most advanced technologies, Walabot wins the hearts of all. The product is the proud award winner of several honourable recognition.
  • The product comes with an excellent offer. You can get the superior service of Walabot DIY with an incredible discount of 50%.
  • The company upgrades the app regularly, to provide you with maximum benefit.

Is there any drawback of Walabot DIY?

  • You cannot access the device with your tablet.
  • Walabot DIY’s return policy is valid up to 14 days only.
  • The product has some delivery limitation. You can only get the device in US, EU, and Australia.

How can Walabot DIY be better?

  • The device needs can be made flexible with different Operating Systems. It only runs on Android phones, which also has some limitations. Making it savvy for all Operating Systems makes it easier for everyone.
  • The official App of the product can be made more useful, with better upgrades. The outstanding technology can be used better with a little development of the App, introducing few features.

Final Verdict

Get Walabot DIY today, if you wish to make your drilling work easier. Believe me or not, the product has been a miraculous device for me. With all the advantages, I have finally come to a solution to the leakage problems in the wall. Now you also get amazing discounts on the products that you get from their site. My suggestion will be grabbing the offer before it gets too late. If you are trying to remodel your house or are an enthusiast like me, Go for Walabot DIY without any dilemma.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry Up and order now.

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