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Product name: Lusha


Do you want to contact someone you have not been in touch with? Does it look like you are too desperate to find out the contact details like the mailing address or the contact number of a person you want to get in touch with? Well, put a full stop to all your worries because in my inference here I am going to talk about an option which will help you find out all the details about a specific person.

Its called the Lusha. Read n to find out more about the working features, pros, cons as well as the customer reviews about the same.

What are the Working Features of the Lusha?

To give it a definition, Lusha is a chrome extension that enriches any business profile with a mail or direct dials. It assists you in finding out the right candidate, and it also helps you to reach out to them very quickly. It saves your time and energy because it helps you in getting the correct contact in very less time.

It also plays a vital role in increasing the engagement as you can contact the candidates directly. Hence, it turns out to be an active outbound process.

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What are the Other Ventures of Lusha?

Following are the various ventures which Lusha is comprised of:

  • It helps you in maximizing your time by putting in fewer efforts but excellent results. It also allows you to connect with your prospects faster than ever before.
  • It assists you in providing the data of your prospect when you need it the most. The data deduced by Lusha is always accurate.
  • Lusha’s Chrome extension is something that will automatically scan the profile page of your prospect that you are visiting and will also aid you by providing the additional as well as the valuable contact information.
  • The Lusha also consists of a Sales force’s app which helps with the concept of integration and also enriches your Salesforce profiles which will then shorten your research time and will also increase the response rates.
  • Lusha Person, as well as the Company’s APIs, will allow you to contact your prospects immediately and it will also seamlessly add valuable data points directly to your database or the CRM. 


  • Just by adding Lusha to your chrome you will be able to get five credit points free. 
  • You can avail this at a reasonable price, and it is trusted by most of the big and famous entities. 
  • You can find all the accurate results with just one click. 
  • Lusha’s Zapier integrations also allow you to bring the power of Lusha and sync it with more than 750 different products, automatically.
  • Do you try and manage all your contacts in a spreadsheet? Well, that is also not a problem because Lusha will enrich all of your contacts in sync and keep your file up to date every time. 


  • You can not apply for this application without an internet connection. 
  • Proper understanding of the terms and conditions is also essential.

Customer Reviews and Scores:

This product or the time-saving application has an average rating of 4-star. It has received good reviews from all its customers and is also highly recommended. The only essential thing is that the subscription has to be online. All the customers have received positive results including me.

It is an accurate product as it leads to significant results. Just one click would give them what they always wanted. It helped them in finding the phone numbers and to quickly and easily. 



I would recommend this product to anyone who wants or wishes to have a great deal of accuracy but within a short period. Lusha Person, as well as the Company’s APIs, will allow you to contact your prospects immediately and it will also seamlessly add valuable data points directly to your database or the CRM. It also has the capability of keeping all your contacts up to date on the spreadsheet. 

So why waste your time on applications or extensions which do not provide you with the needed accuracy? Try Lusha today, and you can also avail five credit points just by adding it to your chrome extension. 

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