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In today’s world, people are all benefited by the ease of internet and the online world. It is the blessing of technology that has relieved today’s people from the long and tiring drives, by introducing the online shopping stores. Layla presents the comfort of online bedding shopping experience. Now, get over with your need for mattresses and pillows from the official site of Layla, just by sitting at your home.

About Layla

Layla Sleep Inc. introduces itself to provide a wide range of advanced technologically developed mattresses in the online platform. You will get amused by the wonderfully designed cushions presented by the company at such an affordable price. It is no word of exaggeration that the company is best in the knowledge of mattress making, which has assisted them to fulfil their mission to provide the comfort of sleep. With researchers on healthy and comfortable mattress making, Layla presents the best products to take care of your rest, maintaining an active and healthy livelihood.

What are the Products Available at Layla?

In the online website of Layla, you will get the range of excellent quality mattresses and pillows at a pocket-friendly costing. High-quality foam, superior staffing, and top standard mattress covers are the speciality of the company’s products which is best known to delight everyone. The company offers mainly two product:

  1. Mattresses: Layla presents the pleasure of excellent quality of beds in various sizes. You will find the different sizes of mattresses as per your requirements with different prices, starting from $399 to $899. Set an order and get an extra $100 off on every mattress.
  2. Pillows: Designed correctly, maintaining the health issues, Layla presents the pillows of high class. With a $20 off, all the pillows cost $79, and if you buy the pillow with a mattress, you will get the opportunity to buy it at $49.
    Is it worth buying from Layla?

The following points are the best reason to opt for the products from Layla:

  • It is approved by the CERTIPUR-US that assures the quality of the foam used in the products.
  • It is made without any heavy metals, formaldehyde, flame retardants, and ozone depletion.
  • It is trusted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Copper cells stuffed in the mattresses are suitable for thermal balance.

What are the benefits of using products from Layla?

  • Outstanding Quality of the products: Layla takes pride in the excellent quality of the products. All the mattresses are made in America, where the most delicate foam is poured in Georgia and California, and the assembling takes place in Arizona. In North Carolina, all the mattress covers are made up of the best quality raw materials. The reviews of the users of the products best describe the product quality, which has always been a positive feedback for the company.
  • Satisfying Customer Support: The site has a fantastic customer support protocol. With an ease of access, the website provides a wonderfully prepared inquiry form, which allows you to send them your issue in the most natural way. You also get the access to the contact number and the mail id to get in touch with them. The company assures a quick response to the customers, once they find you trying to communicate with them.
  • Secured Payment Gateway: You can relax while you make a transaction as Layla has the safest payment gateway options of Paypal and credit cards, that include MasterCard, American Express, VISA, and more.
  • Zero Shipping Charges: Layla provides the privilege of free shipping to the lower 48 states so that you can enjoy a memorable shopping experience.
  • Easy Refund and Return policy: Layla introduces the smartest return and refund policy. Once you buy a product, the company offers you two weeks of trial so that you can adjust your body to it. If you still don’t like it, you can opt for a return within four months after purchase. And, the company will refund you with a 100% money back. Layla follows the philosophy of donating all the return products in charity, so, there is no restocking fee.
  • Prompt Shipping: Once you set your order, the company takes 2-3 business days to prepare to build, compress, and pack the product. Layla ships the products via FedEx, to ensure trust and reliability. They confirm you with a tracking ID which will guide you to access of your delivery.
  • Ease of Use in the Website: The site of the company needs little knowledge, which has made it easy to access for all. You need not be a technical person to get full access to the site.
  • Lifetime Warranty: You get a lifetime warranty on the products bought from Layla, that assures you the genuineness of the products.
  • Jaw-dropping Offers: You get a $100 off on every mattress of any size and a flat 50% off or a $20 off on the pillows while you shop with Layla Sleep Inc.

What are the disadvantages of Layla

  • Layla doesn’t deliver internationally.
  • You don’t get an opportunity to have a live chat with them.
  • It is an online site, which only allows the internet users to access the products.
  • Go through the terms and conditions carefully before you make the purchase.


Provided with the best quality products and outstanding offers, Layla delivers the delight of a fantastic online shopping experience. Get over with that back-aching mattress now, and opt for the most suitable option for you only in the site of Layla Sleep Inc.

So what you are waiting for? Visit the site and choose the best option for you. Remember, once the offer is gone, you will regret missing it. Hurry Up, and grab the offer NOW!

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